Discover how easy it is to write a simple and effective letter of intent in just 500 words

This book will act as your guide to writing a letter of intent that is

  • Crystal clear
  • Keeps your project on schedule
  • Will never rumble on

In just a few pages, you’ll learn the critical content your letter of intent needs and how to use it effectively as a temporary fix.

The Book contains the content you need to adapt for your project.
You’ll also get:


Exclusive to readers, you can download the 10-Point Scorecard to check your letter is good to go, and the Sense-Checklist as a summary of the guidelines throughout the book.

Online resources

You can download a letter of intent template, and our STAR Checklist, as well as find links to our A to Z of LinkedIn pulse posts, blogs and a series of 4 videos to make you a STAR letter of intent user.

“This is a really well written and extremely helpful book for any company that needs to write letters of intent. I will definitely be applying these principles to the next LOI I draft or review to save my company from the pitfalls Sarah highlights."

- Justine Brazil, General Counsel
Willmott Dixon PLC

Sarah Fox is a construction lawyer with over 20 years’ experience. She’s read hundreds of contracts, letters of intent and T&Cs.

She works with anyone who wants more (understanding) from less (contracts).

She loves simplicity
She loves creating contracts to help you do business
Hence, she founded

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