Discover how easy it is to write a simple and effective letter of intent in just 500 words

Order your copy of 'How to Write Simple and Effective Letters of Intent in Just 500 Words' in paperback or Kindle format now

The Book will act as your guide to writing a letter of intent that is crystal clear, keeps your project on schedule, and will never rumble on. In just a few pages, you will learn the critical content your letter of intent needs and how to use it effectively as a temporary fix.

You will quickly learn:

What a letter of
intent is

Why you should write simple letters of intent

The five legal requirements you need

How you can write letters of intent

The four critical contents your letter needs

The six effective extras to create a workable letter

How to use your letter of intent successfully

The Book contains the content you need to adapt for your project. You’ll also get:


Exclusive to readers, you can download the 10-Point Scorecard to check your letter is good to go, and the Sense-Checklist as a summary of the guidelines throughout the book.

Online resources

You can download a letter of intent template, and our STAR Checklist, as well as find links to our A to Z of LinkedIn pulse posts, blogs and a series of 4 videos to make you a STAR letter of intent user.

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About Sarah Fox

Sarah Fox has spent 20 years reading, analysing, critiquing, writing and training others on using construction contracts. At Eversheds LLP, she wrote, adapted, amended, negotiated and resolved disputes on contracts from 1 page to 100 pages.

She now specialises in helping construction professionals to build simple contracts. With JCT SB 2016 weighing in at over 50,000 words plus another 25,000 words of amendments, the simplicity of writing 500-word contracts has become Sarah’s personal project.

Simple means short, readable, understandable and usable. 500 words is roughly a single A4-page. Her contracts are elegant, clear and brief, and – most importantly – legally robust.

“This is a really well written and extremely helpful book for any company that needs to write letters of intent. I will definitely be applying these principles to the next LOI I draft or review to save my company from the pitfalls Sarah highlights."

- Justine Brazil, General Counsel
Willmott Dixon PLC
“The plain, no-nonsense language is a refreshing change and reflective of the non-legal background of the majority of construction professionals. A real must-read for anyone involved in preparing letters of intent.”

- Ben Bolton, Quantity Surveyor
Kier Construction
"This book opened my eyes to the pitfalls of getting it wrong when writing letters of intent. It’s easy to read and simple to put into action.”

- Darren Bedson
MD BPA Services Limited

Order your copy of 'How to Write Simple and Effective Letters of Intent in Just 500 Words' in paperback or Kindle format now

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