How to Write Effective Letters of Intent in Just 500 Words

This book will act as your guide to writing a letter of intent that is

  • Crystal clear
  • Keeps your project on schedule
  • Will never rumble on

In just a few pages, you’ll learn the critical content your letter of intent needs and how to use it effectively as a temporary fix.

"Sarah uses here straightforward approach to legal matters to great effect in this easy-to-read guide to letters of intent. A perfect reference book for Building Surveyors that effectively builds the letter for you."

- Jonathan Strizaker-Philips, Building Surveyor

How to Write Simple and Effective Consultant Appointments

This book will act as your guide to writing a consultant appointment that:

  • Explains how your services will meet your client’s needs
  • Get clients to say ‘yes’ quicker

In just a few pages, you’ll learn the core and client-centred content your appointment needs as well as how to effectively limit your liability.

"If I'd had this brilliant and compact book by Sarah Fox 15 years ago, it would have saved my firm hundreds of hours of agony and procrastination."

- Su Butcher, Just Practising Limited

How to Write Effective Collateral Warranties in Just 500 Words

This book will act as your guide to writing a collateral warranty that:

  • safeguards your interests
  • without extending your liability

In just a few pages, your views on the content necessary for a warranty will be challenged until you wonder why they are must-have accessories on construction projects.

"A little gem of a book which demystifies and simplifies the world of collateral warranties in a way which both informs and challenges the traditional 'we've always done it this way' thinking. Great for lawyers and non-lawyers alike."

- Russell Deards, General Counsel, formerly of Henry Boot plc

Sarah Fox is a construction lawyer with over 20 years’ experience. She’s read hundreds of contracts, letters of intent and T&Cs.

She works with anyone who wants more (understanding) from less (contracts).

She loves simplicity
She loves creating contracts to help you do business
Hence, she founded

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