This Book will act your guide to writing a consultant appointment that explains how your services will meet your client’s needs, to get clients to say ‘yes’ quicker. You will quickly learn the core and client-centred content your appointment needs as well as how to effectively limit your liability. 

Would you like to be able to write your own consultant appointment that is simple and effective?

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The three challenging aspects to tailor

Why you need to explain how you solve your client’s problem


How to spot and negotiate showstoppers

The five legal requirements you need

You can download sample appointments to demonstrate how the content from the Book can be applied to a range of fictional projects: currently covering a (fairy dust) process plant and house (or castle) extension. Please contact me if you want an example that suits your projects.

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You will quickly learn:

Why you should write simple appointments

This Book contains the content you need to adapt for each client, each project, and each set of services. You will also get:

The four client-centred contents you need

Exclusive to readers, you can download the Sense-Checklist as a summary of the guidelines throughout the book.

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Sample Appointments

The six effective extras to make it work for you and your client

About Sarah Fox

Sarah Fox has spent 20 years reading, analysing, critiquing, writing and training others on using construction contracts. At

Eversheds LLP, she wrote, adapted, amended, negotiated and resolved disputes on contracts from 1 page to 100 pages.


She now specialises in helping construction professionals to build simple contracts. With JCT SB 2016 weighing in at over 50,000 words plus another 25,000 words of amendments, the simplicity of writing 500-word contracts has become Sarah's personal project.


Simple means short, readable, understandable and usable. 500 words is roughly a single A4-page. Her contracts are elegant, clear and brief, and – most importantly – legally robust.

“Do you send your client an appointment that is embarrassingly held together with hope and sticky tape? If so, I recommend you put away any tape as well as your hand-scribbled notes and use this book to write a grown up agreement ie a simple, clear and concise appointment. This book is packed full of tools and terminology to help you fully understand consultant appointments.”

- Adrian Williamson MCIAT

WMD Architecture and Design

"If I'd had this brilliant and compact book by Sarah Fox fifteen years ago, it would have saved my firms hundreds of hours of agony and procrastination.

Appointments don't have to be complicated after all.”

- Su Butcher

Just Practising Limited

“This book is easy and compelling reading. The contents provides so much guidance for the consultant. I will be recommending this to our peers and clients. The checklist at the end makes the whole process simple. The little anecdotes and case studies brings the subject to life”

- Bill Evans, Managing Director

D2E International VT Consultants

Order your copy of ‘How to Write Simple and Effective Consultant Appointments’ in paperback or Kindle format now

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